TAX PREPARATION (e-file Federal 1040/CA 540):

2019 FEES:

$59    Individual/or married filing separately       Federal 1040 (W2s only)        CA 540 $15

$99    Married filing jointly         Federal 1040 (W2s only)        CA 540 $15

$149   Small Business (schedule C),   Rental Income (Schedule E), Itemization (Schedule A), Investments (Schedule B, D)             Federal 1040          CA 540 $15

NOTE:  The above fees reflect a 1.5 hours session.  If your tax statements are not complete or there are complications that require a tax session over 1.5 hours an additional $35/hour fee will be charged.  Please see “what to bring” so we can get everything done in one easy session. This rate reflects one tax year.  If you have multiple tax years to file, the fee is calulated for each tax year.  Please give me a call if you have any questions.