What to bring

NOTE:  Both you AND your spouse must sign for the completed return before it can be e-filed with the IRS

Essential Identification documents needed to complete your tax return:
Drivers License or other ID card for self and spouse and valid contact numbers
Social Security cards for yourself, spouse and all dependents
Green card or other resident or nonresident alien ID
Birth dates for you, your spouse and all dependents on the return

Income statements and other documents required:
W2 statements
1099 misc, 1099R, 1099Int, 1099Div, 1099SSA
Income statements from dividends, investments, bank interest over $10
Information for other income not listed above
Unemployment 1099
Forms 1095 A, B, or C (ACA statements)
Total paid to daycare provider and their tax ID number

If you want to itemize please bring all cost totals for:
contributions to official charities
DMV registration, auto, boat, RV, motorcycle etc.
job expenses unreimbursed by employer
medical expenses; including travel
mortgage Interest statements
property tax statements
moving expenses if over 50 miles

For Small Business or Rental Income:

1099misc as an independent contractor
Totals rent or sales income
Expenses for the tax year:
office rent
professional fees
repairs & maintenance
telephone & internet
travel & auto (miles used for business for the year)
tax & license
professional fees
Expenses for home office:
utilities for whole home
home mortgage interest statement
home property tax statement
square footage of home & of office in home used for business
maintenance costs the for whole home